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    Files up to 2 GB

    Send and receive large files of any type. You can also send several files at the same time.

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    File transfer should be hassle-free. That's why we let you know when you receive a file, when a file is downloaded or when the file transfer has finished.

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    Social networks

    If you want you can share your files on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or send them through Gmail via public links.

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    No installations

    You only need a web browser and an Internet connection. No bothersome advertising. No waiting.

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    Corporate and secure

    Use your own logo and avatar, add your contacts and create collaborators to share files in your private area

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    Forward files

    When you receive private files from your collaborators you'll be able to forward them to your clients with a single click.

Plans and Prices

BITzen in only three steps


Sign up for free and set up your contacts list with name and email address. Invite clients and suppliers. Add your team as collaborators


Publish to social networks via public links


Receive alerts when you receive new files and for the first downloads, as well as when you have completed your file uploads.


  • "As a motion graphics designer BITzen has proven very useful when sending large files."

  • "We need to send very large files and emails are not really up to it. Thanks to BITzen we can share our work in progress."

  • "Clients are grateful for the ease with which they can download such large files, sparing us or them unnecessary travelling."



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